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The Center for Coping has collected hundreds of resources, including books, CDs, tapes, articles and information sheets. These materials can help you on your way to self-improvement, or add to your already existing program.

Many of the publications listed below (in reverse chronological order) are endorsed by, and made available to, large non-profit health organizations.

Published books written by Center for Coping Director, Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D. 

"Newly Diagnosed?  No What? 153 Strategies to Help You Take Action and Cope After Your Medical Diagnosis" Coping Press (2018)
"Lupus Q&A: Everything You Need To Know" 3rd Edition, Penguin Putnam/Avery    (2014)

“Coping With Lupus" (4th ed)  Penquin Putnam/Avery 

“Successful Living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome): A Strategy Guidebook” Balance (2002)  
“Successful Living with Breast Cancer: A Strategy Guidebook” Balance (2002)  
“Successful Living with Multiple Sclerosis: A Strategy Guidebook” Balance (2002)  
“Successful Living with Scleroderma: A Strategy Guidebook” Balance (2002)  
“Love Tactics: How To Win the One You Want” Square One Publishers (2002)   
“Successful Living with Endometriosis: An Action Workbook” Balance (2001)  
“Successful Living with Lupus: An Action Workbook” Balance (2001)  
“Overcome Your Panic: An Action Workbook” Balance (2001)  
“Coping with Lupus” (3rd ed) Penguin Putnam/Avery (2001)  
“Coping with Osteoarthritis” (2nd ed) Penguin Putnam/Avery Publishing Group (2001)  
“Coping with Endometriosis” Penguin Putnam/Avery (2000)  
“Coping with Diabetes” Penguin Putnam/Avery (2000)  
“Coping with Breast Cancer” Avery Publishing Group (1998)  
“Lupus: Everything You Need To Know” Avery Publishing Group (1997)  
“Control Your Pain! 169 Painless Strategies For Taking Charge Of Your Body” Balance (1996)  
“Reduce Your Test Anxiety! 128 Strategies to Help You Make The Grade” Balance (1996)  
“Coping with Colorblindness” Avery Publishing Group (1996)  
“Coping with Prostate Cancer” Avery Publishing Group (1994)  
“Coping with Mitral Valve Prolapse” Avery Publishing Group (1992)  
“No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts” Avery Publishing Group (1991)  
“More Love Tactics” Avery Publishing Group (1990)  
“Rising To The Challenge” Avery Publishing Group (1990)  
“Coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis” Avery Publishing Group (1988)  
“Coping with Kidney Failure” Avery Publishing Group (1987)  
“Coping with An Ostomy” Avery Publishing Group (1986)  

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for further information about any of our resource materials.

In addition, the publications listed above can be purchased by contacting: 

Balance at 516-822-3183 or e-mail, Penguin Putnam/Avery and
Avery Publishing Group at
800-788-6262, or Square One Publishers at 516-535-2010

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